Tianjin Municipality to embed Shirat Incubator portfolio Acoustiguide solution to boost tourism to city

Acoustiguide develops a special turn-key solution for museums, galleries, parks, and other institutions to create, manage, and deploy multimedia content on mobile devices. In Tianjin, Acoustiguide will develop an app that will fit Tianjin's smart city strategy, of both the local and central government. Specifically, the digital guide will include a multi media smart bus tour guide app, intended to boost tourism to the city of Tianjin, a mega city in North China, with a population of 15 million. 

Israel Gal, Chairman of Acoustiguide says "we (Acoustiguide) are working to make it happen since it fits in both with our business in China and with my personal desire to commemorate the old community." 

Originally posted in "The Jerusalem Post" by Miriam Kersh 

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