China BOI Program

The Program


The Business Oriented Incubators ("BOI") enable companies to commercialize their final products, accelerate sales and establish a local presence in China, while levereging on local government funding. 

The program is based on the principles of the Israeli technological Incubator program and is adapted to mature companies with developed products, to fit the local ambient conditions in China. 


​Companies will register a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise ("WFOE") or a Joint Venture (JV) in China.

Company will be entitled to a Soft Loan that consists of up to 80% of the program. This will be returned in case of success, out of royalties

​Company will be provided with a down-payment to kick-start its plan.

​Company's IP and Knowhow will retain in the mother company; Usage rights will be granted to the WFOE or to the JV. 

Companies will operate during the 2 year program within the framework of the BOI and will be mentored by the management company on-site. 


The management company of each BOI will provide ongoing services to the portfolio companies on track to their business development and acceleration of sales in China and from China.

​Services include:

Setting up local presence, assistance in receiving additional government support, exposure for raising private investments, assistance in the portfolio company's business development efforts in China such as linkage to customers, distribution channels or strategic partnerships, etc. 


By the end of the two year program, the companies that have enrolled in the BOI have established the roots for succeeding in doing business and acceleration of their growth in China.

​In particular, companies have:  

Established their market presence in China, adapted their products to the local market and have started sales, expanded their consumer base, distribution channels and business, secured follow-on investments, etc.

After graduation, companies can focus on increasing revenuesmarket share and company productivity

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