China Business Oriented Incubators (BOI) Program

Based on Israel’s strong position as “Startup Nation” that comes from both its great innovations and from the country’s well established support mechanisms for commercialization, Shirat Enterprises established a unique program to support Israeli companies looking to develop their business in China.

Similarly to the Israeli Technology Incubation Program that supports tech development, Shirat’s new BOI (Business Oriented Incubators) program gives companies all the ingredients needed to get on the road to global success while using Chinese governmental funds to get established, keeping the technology Israeli while working with an experienced team in Israel and in China. 

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Program Principles:

• The program accepts companies from Israel that have a unique product with proven market traction
• The aim of the program is to develop the final products, industrialize and commercialize them in China
• The companies will establish a local Chinese company that is wholly owned by the Israeli company (not a JV!)
• Companies need to come up with only 20% of the program budget to qualify
• The program provides a “soft loan” from the local Chinese government of up to $600K to the companies as matching
• The soft loan is returned only in case of success through 3% royalties on sales
• Companies work in China based on a plan that is developed jointly between the company and Shirat, and approved by the BOI Management
• Companies are located in key locations and coached by a joint Chinese/Israeli Management Company for 2 years
• Approved companies receive 25% of the funding up-front and the rest based on quarterly reports

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