Corporate Venture Capital

Many profound changes in global investment trends have occurred in the past two years due to the world financial crisis. Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) gains its central positioning by becoming a major tool for open innovation in a large corporate, in order to keep its continuous healthy growth and business development. Corporate managements understand the importance of CVC as a most efficient platform and operation for gaining competitive advantages in their fields of industry, as well as for expansion and diversification. Companies strive to advance both strategic and financial objectives by getting exposed and investing directly and indirectly in technology oriented VC funds and in companies of strategic interest, as well as in internal and external platforms for encouragement of entrepreneurship, sometimes with government support, such as technological, industrial and business incubators.   

Corporate Venture Capital is effectively increasing in practice within large companies and enterprises, where innovation becomes the main engine for growth and competition.   Shirat is proud to provide its broad knowledge in this emerging sector, based on the experience and expertise acquired during many years, while working with the pioneers in Western Corporate VC in the past.

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