Technological Incubation

The Israeli experience proves that technological incubation is one of the first and most important steps in high-tech entrepreneurship, for the creation of a wealthy national hi-tech industry.   

The Incubator creates an overall supporting environment for entrepreneurs to accelerate the development of their innovative and unique technological ideas, as well as builds the foundations of an entrepreneurial culture.

Shirat Enterprises offers an array of services needed to launch and operate a successful incubator, including appropriate managing methods, funding, special services with added value to portfolio companies of the incubator and an extensive network of contacts.  Incubators vary in the ways they provide their services, in their different organizational structure, in their operational modes, in their funding resources and in their exit strategies.   Any incubation program has to be adapted to the local ambient conditions and work in harmony with the local authorities, in order to be efficient and successful.

BOI - Business Oriented Incubators 

Shirat Enterprises manages a special program for companies to develop thier business and market in China, while supported by local authorities in several areas in China.

Read more on the BOI Program here

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