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Shirat Enterprises facilitates hi-tech entrepreneurship and helps innovative Start-ups reach their full potential together with market players. We are experts in investment management and bring value by locating strategic partnerships while creating unique platforms on which with Start-up companies and large corporates can flourish on.

What do we do and how can you benefit from us ?


  • Co-found hi-tech companies and establish their activities thru growth-drive, with a unique track record in Asia. 

  • Provide large companies with sources of innovation in order to increase their profitability and competitive edge.   

  • Facilitate hi-tech companies to reach their market potential by commercializing their technologies.

  • Source investments & follow-on investments.

  • Increase the company overall value. 

Who do we work with ? 

  • Hi-tech companies, start-ups and innovative companies, with proven developed technological products and initial sales, aiming to expand business operations through investments, strategic partnerships and market penetration. 

  • Large Companies, SME's aiming to compete with other players in an ever changing global market with unique characteristics of ongoing development. 

  • International VC's

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