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Shirat Enterprises is dedicated to facilitate cooperation between technological companies from Israel (start ups, mature companies) and Industrial companies around the world, in particular in Emerging Economies, such as China. Based on competitive advantages of each, Shirat assists in creating force multipliers, combining between young hi-tech companies from one country (such as Israel), in possession of advanced technologies, with mature industrial companies from areas characterized by large markets (such as China), for definition, specification, development, industrialization and commercialization of new products, for competing in the global markets and for maintaining a competitive edge.

Among our services, we:  

  • Identify and evaluate sources of technological cooperation and cross-national transfer of technologies, in form of TT companies of universities and applied research institutes, as well as government agencies.

  • Plan, establish and operate suitable and efficient platforms for smooth absorption and implementation of the technologies by the receiving parties.

  • Initiate establishment of cross-national joint ventures – JVs (located in the areas where the markets are), between companies in possession of advanced technologies and mature industrial companies.

  • Assistance in preparation of the business plans for the JVs, in preparation of the legal papers and in raising the funding, if necessary from private sources (like VC funds, investment funds, strategic investors, Angel investors, etc) and from government sources (local governments)

  • Strive to locate funds and investment mechanism for financing the operational platforms, involving government support and other financing sources, using different methods to encourage entrepreneurship.

  • Guide, consult and negotiate terms within the business process, in all its stages.

  • Draft technical agreements and documentation on managing IP issues and transfers.

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